FPBO coverFourth Period Burnout (2018)

Three teens document how they experience high expectations and pressure to succeed. Their artistic recreations show what it’s like to be overwhelmed, overworked and heading towards burnout.

Director: Madison Thomas
Producer: Angela Heck
Runtime: 14:55

View  on CBC or Youtube.

CBC_SHORT_DOC_DECLUTTER-v2-12966788Declutter (2017)

When there’s trauma in the family, decluttering means more than just cleaning.

Director: Madison Thomas
Producer: Angela Heck
Runtime: 4:45

Watch Declutter on YouTube.


Soul of the Sea (2012)

SOUL OF THE SEA follows the journey of Hayley Shephard, a 40-year old New Zealand-born Canadian pursuing her dream to solo kayak amidst the crashing waves and treacherous seas around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, all to bring awareness to an endangered seabird – the albatross.

Directors: Hayley Shephard, Katie Mustard
Producers: Katie Mustard, Angela Heck
Editor: Ivan Hughes
Running time: 22 min & 52 min. versions available

Distributor: Film Option

View trailer
Watch the film online now

meagan mcgrath

The Explorers Club – episode 4 (2011)

In co-production with FlorianFilms GMBH. Broadcast premiere August 2011 – ZDF/arte.

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