Heck’s BUZZ wins $20,000 pitch, looks at mosquitoes

Heck’s BUZZ looks at mosquitoes

What a whirlwind its been since it was announced that our newest project, Buzz,  has won the $20,000 MTS Winnipeg On Demand pitch. It was all part of a great industry event, All Access, put on by On Screen Manitoba. It’s through fabulous support such as that offered by On Screen Manitoba that Fringe Filmworks has been able to grow and thrive in its new Manitoba home. It’s been great!

Read more about the prize on CBC Scene.

Fringe @RealScreen Summit.

Fringe producer, Angela Heck, recently attended the RealScreen Summit in Washington, DC. What a great experience! A seriously business-minded market that resulted in some great meetings and possible business opportunities, particularly in the areas of broadcast and distribution for our recent releases. Special thanks to On Screen Manitoba and Manitoba Film and Music for their support.

And who knows, it may also have sparked a new co-production…stay tuned!

Some folks were asking about TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL

Snofriddur (Angela Heck) and Einar (Michael Gottli) contemplate the meaning of fish.

It’s not a Fringe Filmworks production, but it’s something I was involved with a ‘few’ years back.

With the resurrection of Tales From the Gimli Hospital this past weekend in New York, I’ve been getting some questions asking “What’s it about?” Check out this review from the late 80s by venerable film scribe Jonathan Rosenbaum.

– Angela Heck

The Explorers Club is on the air

Meagan McGrath takes in the view from the top of the world.

After a lot of time and energy, we’re pleased to say that The Explorers Club series, co-produced with Germany’s FlorianFilm, has finally hit the airwaves. It premiered on ZDF/ARTE August 15-19. With the broadcast, our work is out in the world.

Special thanks to Chris Alstrin who shot the Meagan McGrath episode on Cho Oyu under less than ideal production circumstances and to Ivan Hughes who lived the adventure for a long, long time in the edit suite. And the crew at FlorianFilm were great to work with, especially Anna Steuber who I worked with most extensively.

I’ll be taking it out to markets over the next few months to see who else we can entice to live the adventures.

Update 09.26.2011

It’s been a busy year at Fringe this year. Angela took a bit of a leave from Fringe to work with the CBC while Ivan kept on beavering away at editing Soul of the Sea and finishing up The Explorers Club series we co-produced with FlorianFilm for ZDF/arte. The Explorers Club premiered in Germany and France at the end of August. So now it’s on its global path.

Bigger still is that Fringe Filmworks has officially moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We are now almost exactly in the geographic centre of North America. Makes working with folks both East and West easier, and the community here is amazing. Not to mention the long winter that awaits which seems to breed a particular type of creativity. We may seem like we’re hibernating, but we’re really just working on the next big thing 🙂

Hot Docs here we come!

Fringe Filmworks news – While working on The Explorers’ Club last fall we also made the move to Manitoba and started editing Soul of the Sea.

Now, our very own Ivan Hughes is heading to Hot Docs to peddle our wares, with The Explorer’s Club series tucked under his arm and a fistful of meetings set up. We’re also really excited about Soul of the Sea. That project is looking for completion and it rocks!

Check out these projects on the Fringe Filmworks website.